Day: February 23, 2019


Ohio is located in the north of the United States, in the Great Lakes region. Across the state flows the river Kyawhoga, in the valley of which the Ohio National Park is located.  This is a fairly rich and economically developed state, where the bulk of income belongs to industry. The leading […]

Car insurance in the USA: Liability, Collision Damage Waiver CDW and others

Liability (aka civil liability) – Car insurance in the US This insurance is MANDATORY for all. When Americans rent a car, they always use their insurance, which perfectly covers them. Exactly about this, coming to the car rental desk at the airport, you have a chance to refuse to add. Insurers and a […]

Brief history of auto insurance

In the first part of our historical review, we recalled how the first simple insurance systems worked and traced their development from the societies of Mesopotamia, Greece and Ancient Russia to more modern examples of insurance in Spain and England. Many of the principles that came into use in the XV-XVII centuries, are […]

OHIO part 2

Ohio (eng. Ohio) – a state located in the northeastern United States. The capital is the city of Columbus. Major cities: Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati. The population is 11 544 951 people. The area is 116,096 km². The northern part borders with Michigan, the eastern border – with Pennsylvania and West Virginia, in the west – […]