Ohio (eng. Ohio) – a state located in the northeastern United States. The capital is the city of Columbus. Major cities: Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati. The population is 11 544 951 people. The area is 116,096 km². The northern part borders with Michigan, the eastern border – with Pennsylvania and West Virginia, in the west – with Indiana. The southern border with West Virginia and Kentucky. In 1803 he became the 17th state in the USA.

Welcome to Ohio sign along a rural farm road at the Ohio/Michigan state line.

State Landmarks

In the city of Zanesville there is a unique bridge, the structure of which forms the letter Y. The bridge, respectively, has three roads and ends. Ohio has the second highest rollercoaster in the world. In Sandusky there is a huge attraction of 128 meters high, in Cincinnati there is a wooden slide with a huge air loop (66 meters). In Adams County, an ancient Indian monument – the figured mound Serpent Mound. The silhouette of the monument resembles a huge reptile, the length of which is 440 meters, and its height is 1.5 meters. It is believed that the mound is made in the form of a snake, which swallows an egg that represents a solar eclipse. The Kayahog Valley is 33 thousand acres and is known for its scenic spots and rich fauna. Popular places are also the Brandywine Falls, the Peninsula Gallery, the Tinkers Creek Gorge.

Geography and climate

A large area of ​​the state is represented by plains. Ohio is called the horse chestnut state, because of the abundance of these trees in the area. In the west, the territory is heavily swamped. On the eastern part is the Appalachian Plateau, the height reaches 460 meters. Part of the plateau is covered with forests. The highest point is Campbell Hill, which is 472 meters above sea level. Erie Lake is located in northern Ohio and the Ohio River in the south. The climate is temperate, winters are usually cold, and summers are not very hot. The average annual temperature in January ranges from 0 to -3 ° C, in July 25 ° C. The average rainfall per year is 1000 mm. Periodically floods occur. Heavy snowstorms occur in the north of the state.


From minerals in Ohio mined coal, salt, oil, natural gas. The most developed industry is heavy industry (smelting iron and steel). Ohio ranks first in the production of electric steel. The automobile, electrical, airborne, electronic and chemical industries are also developed. Counting and household machines are manufactured here. Ohio holds leading positions in the rubber industry. The enterprises in the field of glass, silicate, cement, paper, food industry work. In the field of agriculture, a significant part of production comes from livestock. In the northeastern part of the state, milk production has an advantage, in the western part – meat production. They also grow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, grapes, fruits.

Population and religion

The population density is 109 people per km². The racial composition of the population is as follows: 82.8% are whites, 12.2% are African Americans, 3.1% are Spaniards or Latin Americans, 1.7% are Asians, 0.2% are Indians or Eskimos, 1.1% – other races, 2.1% – two or more races. By ethnicity, about 29% of the population are of German origin, 15% are Irish, 10% are English, 8.5% are Polish, 6.5% are Italian. Religiously, 76% of the population are Christians, 53% are Protestant, 26% are Evangelical, 21% are Catholic, 1% are Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1% are Jewish, 1% are Muslim, 17% do not identify themselves to any of religions. The level of net migration in Ohio is very low, as is population growth.

Did you know …

In Ohio, it is forbidden to drink alcohol to fish. 
Simultaneous residence of more than 5 representatives of the weaker sex is prohibited in one house.

Ohio State Economy

The state of Ohio has a very well-developed and diversified economy and consistently ranks among the top ten states of the United States in terms of gross domestic product. If Ohio were an independent state, it would occupy the twentieth place in the list of the richest countries in the world.

The state is very well developed various industries, agriculture, tourism. About 8% of Ohio’s GDP is in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, etc.)

Ohio is one of the largest research centers in the United States (by some estimates, the second after California ). The state is developing in the field of energy, medicine, aeronautics, space exploration, agriculture. The most prominent research organizations in Ohio include the Stem Cell Center and Regenerative Medicine, the John Glenn Center (one of NASA units) and the Cleveland Clinical Hospital, the Tissue Regeneration Center and the University of Dayton Research Institute, the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Wright Air Base – Patterson, Agricultural Research Center in Worcester and many others.

Ohio is part of the “US Industrial Belt” , metallurgy, engineering, chemical, defense and other industries are well developed here.

In the area of ​​Dayton, which is called the “aerospace capital of Ohio,” a number of organizations and enterprises are concentrated, producing components for the aviation industry, primarily aircraft engines.

Ohio is one of the leading metallurgical states in the United States, accounting for about 15% of total steel production in the United States and about 70% of ferroalloys. Columbus has the largest steel mill in the country, Columbus Castings .

Ohio is the second largest car manufacturer in the United States (after Michigan ). The state has large assembly plants for Ford , Honda , DaimlerChrysler and General Motors , and in total Ohio has more than five hundred automotive companies.

Ohio ranks first in the Midwest and fourth in the country as a whole in the development of biotechnology, more than a thousand organizations work in this industry.

Traditionally, the chemical industry is well developed in Ohio, the state ranks first in the United States in terms of rubber and plastics production. The city of Akron, which houses the headquarters of Goodyear , the largest manufacturer of car tires and other rubber products, and A. Schulman , a manufacturer of plastics and resins, is sometimes called the “rubber capital of the world.”

The headquarters of Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers, is located in Cincinnati .

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