Ohio is located in the north of the United States, in the Great Lakes region. Across the state flows the river Kyawhoga, in the valley of which the Ohio National Park is located. 

This is a fairly rich and economically developed state, where the bulk of income belongs to industry. The leading role in the industrial life of the state is played by ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, power plants and the nuclear industry. 

In Ohio, one of the largest US research centers is based. Most of the development in the field of aeronautics, medicine, agriculture and energy is happening here.

In addition, the state has over five hundred companies associated with the production of cars. World-famous plants such as Ford, General Motors, Honda, DaimlerChrysler and many others work here. 

Buying real estate in Ohio today means investing in one of the most economically stable and prosperous American states. 

Property in Columbus

The capital and largest city of Ohio is Columbus. Here are the state government and Ohio State University. In general, Columbus seems to be a fairly highly developed city, where due attention is paid to education, economics and technology development. This is a very favorable place to live and invest in real estate in the United States .

Real Estate in Cleveland

Cleveland is a fairly large city in the Midwest, located on the southern coast of Lake Erie. Thanks to the development of the railway, Cleveland has evolved over time into an industrial center and a city of millionaires, including the world famous Rockefellers, Rothschilds and others. 

The Kayahoga River divides the city into several western and eastern regions. Cleveland’s central square is called PublicSquare; not far from her rise the three largest local skyscrapers. To the north of the square is a landscaped park. Also the most famous in Cleveland are the neighborhoods of Gateway District – here are located cozy cafes and favorite restaurants of the city. 

Property in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is suitable for those who would like to buy a house in the USA in an equipped and economically prosperous city of medium size. The most important industrial sectors of the city are construction, electronics, chemical industry, production of jet engines and other components. About five hundred companies, many of which are known worldwide, are based in Cincinnati. A vivid example is the Procter & Gamble brand, popular in Russia. 

The city is located University of Cincinnati. The old quarters of the city are replete with buildings and structures of the XIX century. The city appreciates and preserves the ancient architecture of such areas. Its historical part is listed in the National Register and is protected as the historical heritage of the United States.

Against the background of the historical past in Cincinnati skyscrapers grow. The business life of the city is concentrated in a world-class business center. Cincinnati’s nightlife is full of lights – the cafes, bars and restaurants of the Mount Adams area attract the lovers of nightlife. 

Those who want to buy a house in Ohio , will find in Cincinnatim a lot of offers, starting with quite budget apartments and ending with expensive elite-class housing. The most expensive real estate in the city falls on the Mount Adams area

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