Day: February 24, 2019

Low-rise construction in the United States

The US construction industry is the foundation of a sustainable economy, a place of employment for several million people, and one of the main tools for preserving and increasing the money supply of the population and preventing sharp collapses in the financial market in the real economy. More than 17 […]

Company Registration in the USA

USA – a country that is considered ideal for running your own business. After all, this is where one of the most famous successful businessmen of the world comes from. Our company provides comprehensive assistance with the registration of businesses in the United States for foreign businessmen. Company registration in the USA […]

8 important facts about life insurance in the United States that everyone should know

About why it is so important to insure your life, how to do it with maximum benefit for yourself and why you should not rely on insurance from your employer, vice president of the financial company Primerica (Florida). Life insurance is love for your loved ones People do not always […]

How do wealthy foreigners use (special) life insurance policies

As wealthy foreigners use (special) life insurance policies purchased in the United States. “For wealthy foreigners, there are often significant advantages to purchasing life insurance policies in American insurance companies,” explains Frank Seneco, president of the boutique company Seneco & Associates, which specializes in developing complex financial plans for wealthy […]

Information about the prices of houses, apartments, in Ohio.

Analyzing the real estate market in Ohio we have these prices for 2019. Penthouse with fireplace, glass walls and panoramic windows with the best view of the river Schioto, Columbus, Ohio, USA 858 000 $3 530 $ / m² Total area 243 m² 2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Built in 1987 19th floor […]