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8 important facts about life insurance in the United States that everyone should know

About why it is so important to insure your life, how to do it with maximum benefit for yourself and why you should not rely on insurance from your employer, vice president of the financial company Primerica (Florida). Life insurance is love for your loved ones People do not always […]

How do wealthy foreigners use (special) life insurance policies

As wealthy foreigners use (special) life insurance policies purchased in the United States. “For wealthy foreigners, there are often significant advantages to purchasing life insurance policies in American insurance companies,” explains Frank Seneco, president of the boutique company Seneco & Associates, which specializes in developing complex financial plans for wealthy […]

Car insurance in the USA: Liability, Collision Damage Waiver CDW and others

Liability (aka civil liability) – Car insurance in the US This insurance is MANDATORY for all. When Americans rent a car, they always use their insurance, which perfectly covers them. Exactly about this, coming to the car rental desk at the airport, you have a chance to refuse to add. Insurers and a […]

Brief history of auto insurance

In the first part of our historical review, we recalled how the first simple insurance systems worked and traced their development from the societies of Mesopotamia, Greece and Ancient Russia to more modern examples of insurance in Spain and England. Many of the principles that came into use in the XV-XVII centuries, are […]